Stellina Telescope – The Future of Telescopes is Here!

Stellina Review – Everything you should know about the 21st Century modern telescope. Stellina is the future of traditional telescopes. Learning astronomy and telescope is a lifelong skill, and you have to invest a lot of your time in it.

If you are an astronomer, you might be well aware of the fact of how frustrating it is to learn about the basics of the telescope as a beginner. I know everyone gets exhausted when they don’t understand how to use some equipment of any telescope.

You might have used every telescope from the 1990s to the modern Go-to telescopes, but every telescope needs some type of alignment, mount leveling, and some other manually calibrate alignments.

Stellina Telescope and the History of Telescopes

The Stellina telescope has revolutionized the history of telescopes.

If you are an expert astronomer, you might have used traditional reflecting and refracting telescopes, or you might still be using them for sky gazing. However, it won’t be wrong to say that the Go-to telescopes have also revolutionized the telescopes to some extent.

The reflecting telescopes used only mirrors for creating the image of the object on the eyepiece, and the refracting telescope used lenses for creating the image of objects on the eyepiece.

You might also use a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, which uses both mirrors and lenses to form the image of the object on the eyepiece.

Now with Stellina, the future of telescopes is here. It is more like a camera telescope with a mobile application to control it and is highly user-friendly and easy-to-use. It also doesn’t require any type of calibration – isn’t it exciting?

In this Stellina review, you will learn about the most easy-to-use and user-friendly telescope that doesn’t require tiring calibrations or mounting. Moreover, you will get to know about the equipment of the Stellina telescope and how it works.

So, without further delay. Let’s have an insightful review of the Stellina telescope.

What is Stellina Telescope?

Stellina is a portable and user-friendly astrophotography instrument that you can carry anywhere in your backpack. You can take beautiful photos of celestial objects, including the galaxies and other non-earthly objects.

You can take pictures through Stellina using the mobile application, specially built for taking pictures through Stellina.

The best thing about this user-friendly and portable telescope is that it takes a few minutes to set-up. Most importantly, this smart telescope recalibrates itself if moved around while imaging or sky gazing and doesn’t have to be polar aligned.

Vaonis, a French start-up company consisting of a 10-15 person team, developed this smart telescope with the aim to make the Astrography more accessible to everyone. So, this is how it is different from the rest of the telescopes.

You don’t have to be fully aware of every telescope terminology like eyepieces, mounts, focal points, etc., because you can easily use Stellina with the help of a mobile application.

What Comes With Stellina Telescope?

Stellina telescope comes with all the necessary parts, including the tripod and other accessories, packed in a small box. All of these accessories are essential to operate the Stellina Telescope efficiently.

The only thought that came into my mind by seeing the Stellina telescope was, “Everything I need for astrography is in front of my eyes in one big box.”

First, I got the flashbacks of my first telescopes that how I got all its parts in several different packings, and how much it was stressing to set that up. Now, it feels completely unreal because everything is in just one big box and ready-to-use.

The following items you will receive with the Stellina telescope in the box:

  • A welcome letter
  • Stellina Telescope
  • A tripod stand (in a smaller box)
  • Pouch for tripod
  • Manual for tripod
  • Six lens cleaners
  • Two batteries
  • Allen keys of the tripod
  • The bubble level

The Tripod Stand

You will get a Gitzo tripod stand with your Stellina telescope. Gitzo is a renowned photography tripod company. The company claims it to be the strongest and most stable tripod stand in the world for photography purposes.

The Gitzo tripod stand is made of aluminum and carbon fiber. The weight of this tripod stand is almost 4.25 pounds, and it can support a weight of up to 55 pounds. You can easily contract and pack it in your backpack to carry it anywhere with you.

The Allen keys that come with the tripod stand are you to modify it like if you want to change the legs or add a ball head to the tripod stand. If you only want to use the tripod stand for the Stellina, then you won’t have to use Allen keys.

The bubble level helps in the attachment of the tripod stand with the Stellina.

The Batteries for Stellina Telescope

As for the Batteries, the Stellina telescope comes with two batteries that perfectly fit in the body of the telescope. There is a separate compartment you will find for the batteries.

However, you can also use any batteries with a USB Type-C connector.

The batteries that come with the Stellina telescope usually last for 5 hours each, and I think that’s pretty much good. So, with two batteries, you can spend 10+ hours in the field.

Specifications of the Stellina Telescope

The specifications of the Stellina telescope are pretty much impressive. The lens used in this smart telescope is an Apochromatic ED doublet with lanthanum glass. Do you know what does it means?

It means there will be little to zero chromatic aberration, and you will experience the natural colors. The aperture of the Stellina telescope is 80mm with a focal length of 400mm and a focal ratio of f/5, which is pretty fast.

Moreover, it also comes with a Sony sensor (IMX 178 CMOS) having a resolution of 6.4 Million pixels for the improved quality of the deep sky objects’ images.

Wrapping Up!

It was an overview of the smart telescope, which is also known as the Stellina Telescope. No doubt, it is the future of historical telescopes and every other telescope of this modern age.