Celestial Bodies – Everything You Need To Know About Comets

Celestial Bodies

Comets are one of the 6 celestial bodies which you can observe with your telescope and even with the naked eyes. However, if you want to see comets with naked eyes, you will have to wait for every 20 to 30 years. On the other hand, a telescope makes it easier for you to observe

Skygazing Guide: Where Can You Find the Asteroids in the Night Sky?

Skygazing guide

A large number of asteroids are present in the universe so far. During the process of skygazing guide, we come across hundreds of thousands of asteroids that are viewable through the telescope today. Although thousands of new asteroids come into existence every year, many of them are not quite visible. The reason lies in the

Skygazing – Explore Dwarf Planet Eris Using Your Telescope!


Skygazing is one of the most important essential elements of astronomy. However, it doesn’t matter if you are an astronomer or just a random person who loves sky gazing at night and loves to see non-earthly and celestial objects using a telescope. If you are using one of the best telescopes, then it will be

Spitzer Space Telescope – The Last of Great Space Observatories

Spitzer Space Telescope

The Spitzer Space Telescope belongs to the class of Space Telescopes and is a part of NASA’s Great Observatories. Formerly known as the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) was launched in 2003, and after completing its mission, retired in January 2020. Although it had to go a long way for another five or more years,

Great Space Observatories – NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory

Great Space Observatories

Space Observatory is a type of space telescope that is located in outer space to observe the far off planets, galaxies, and other celestial and astronomical objects. The Space Telescopes avoid interference with ultraviolet (UV) frequencies, X-rays, and gamma rays. Moreover, they encounter scintillation (distortion) of electromagnetic radiation signals and light pollution to a lesser,

Pluto – The Dwarf Planet and a Dive into its Telescope Study


The disc-like zone beyond Neptune’s orbit, the Kuiper belt, in which many objects orbit, Pluto is considered to be the largest one of them. The Kuiper Belt is a realm of thousands of miniature icy worlds – formed in the early history of the solar system about 4.5 billion years ago. The identification and origin

Neptune – A Tough Planet to Observe through a Reflective Telescope


Before we developed an interest in astronomy, all that mattered to us in outer space were the nine planets we had learned at our fingertips. However, as the world got advancements, the astronomers could discover a lot of other celestial things. The best practice after you get a telescope is to observe all the planets.

Uranus – Discovery, Formation and How it Appears in a Telescope


If you are passionate about Astronomy and you have just brought a reflective telescope – you might wish to know what see first. On the deep sky journey, the first thing to view and observe is the collection of stars and all the exoplanets. How can we ignore something that we have been studying in

Space Observatory – The Deorbited Compton Gamma Ray Observatory

Space Observatory

An Observatory is any location set for observing or studying both terrestrial or celestial objects and happenings. Different disciplines on the Earth and outside it use an observatory for observation and analysis. These include astronomy (using Space Observatory), meteorology, geology, and volcanology, etc. Types of Observatories There are three types of Observatories in general. Ground-based

Hubble Space Telescope: Get to the Details of Space Venture

Hubble Space Telescope

Space telescopes have long been around us now. It’s true that with our ordinary reflective and refractive telescopes that used mirrors and lenses, we could never study astronomy. However, space telescopes have really helped us through the way. One such example is a Hubble Space Telescope. Advantages of Space Telescopes Space-based telescopes provide a better

COBE – Cosmic Background Explorer Telescope Mission In Space


Despite a large number of innovations and developments in ground-based telescopes such as refractive and reflective telescopes, space telescopes are beyond comparison. They are the best options when we wish to look into Space – and this is because they avoid blurriness because of the space atmosphere. One such way is to use a Cosmic

Planet Saturn – How Do the Rings Appear in Telescope?


In our Solar system, Saturn is the sixth planet when we count from the Sun. It is different from the other planets due to the fact that it has planetary rings around it. After Jupiter, it is the second-largest planet in our solar system. After recent researches, scientists have found many moons around it. Saturn

Jupiter and all its moons – A Guide to Use Reflective Telescope


Jupiter having the reputation of being the fourth brightest object in the sky is visible to the naked eye. It shines so brightly that its brightness even puts Venus in the background. Just like the other planets, such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars – its discovery goes way back in the past. However, Galileo Galilei

Fast Radio Bursts Trace back to a Source Within Our Galaxy

Fast Radio Bursts

A group of astronomers in the earlier 2020 sensed powerful fast radio bursts coming from space. It was unprecedented and not that the scientists were looking forward to it. After a series of critical observations, they were able to find out that the radio waves were coming from a mighty object in space. However, they

Skygazing – Take a Telescope Ride Around The Planet Mars


Anyone with a bit of knowledge about the skygazing is very much interested in Mars’s importance. It is the fourth planet of the Solar system. Before moving towards looking at it through a telescope, if you find out what to expect on it, you might be able to locate it in a somewhat more straightforward

Planet Venus – Locating Planet Venus with Your Telescope

Planet Venus

Planet Venus exact discovery date is difficult to find out since it has been clearly seen with the naked eye and provided its brightness and size. However, Copernicus and Galileo Galilei initially observed the planet’s atmosphere by using the telescope. It was later verified by another astronomer Johann Schroter in 1790. Formation of Planet Venus

Habitable Exoplanets – What Does Telescopes Reveal About Them?

Habitable Exoplanets

Many of us have had the curiosity of thinking about what lies outside the world of ours. Mostly we were intrigued by looking up at the stars and wondering how far they are from us. I am not sure about you. But as a child, I have certainly thought about them. The Habitable Exoplanets, aliens,

Celestial Objects – Top 5 Celestial Objects You Will Love to Look At

Celestial Objects

Are you new into the world of Astronomy – and trying to find out what exactly to look up into the all so vast sky? Well, to your surprise – there is a lot to look for, and you will never get bored because up there, there is nothing “certain” about Celestial Objects. The patterns

Stargazing – Top Tips for Stargazing With Telescope!


Stargazing is an essential element of astronomy. People usually spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on modern and up-to-date telescopes to use them for stargazing. Stargazing is the only thing that connects you with nature and stars at night. When you go stargazing with your best telescope with you, nature reveals its surprising and untold

Light Pollution Affecting the Astronomy and Globe At Night

Light Pollution

Although we are quite happy with all these lights around that illuminate and brighten our cities and streets every night, we do not know the undesirable effects of these lights e.g light pollution. Like the pollution of many kinds – air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and land pollution – there is also a type

Stellina Telescope – The Future of Telescopes is Here!

Stellina Telescope

Stellina Review – Everything you should know about the 21st Century modern telescope. Stellina is the future of traditional telescopes. Learning astronomy and telescope is a lifelong skill, and you have to invest a lot of your time in it. If you are an astronomer, you might be well aware of the fact of how

How Do the Earth and Moon Appear When Viewed Through a Telescope?

Earth and Moon

The appearance of Earth and Moon through a telescope depends on the Planetshine phenomenon. Planetshine is a phenomenon that happens when reflection from a planet lights up the dark side of the Moon. It is generally a fade illumination of one part of the Moon, particularly during the crescent phase. The reflection of the planet

Telescope Diagonals – When and Why to Use them?

Telescope Diagonals

As an unprofessional and novice astronomer, it is pretty exciting to look at the sky through a telescope. However, if you want to pursue it as a profession or a hobby – you will have to buy your own telescope with Telescope Diagonals. Once you buy your telescope, you might notice that it shows a

Celestron Telescopes – How To Take Care of Your Telescope?

Celestron Telescopes

Celestron Telescopes are of great importance for astronomers and sky gazers. Similarly, if you are a newbie astronomer, you might be thinking about how to take care of your first telescope and its pieces of equipment. Everyone wants to make sure that whether their telescope serves them well or not. The only way to find

Milky Way – Let’s Take a Ride Around Using Telescope

Milky Way

The Milky Way is our home in the universe – it is one of the billions of galaxies that exist independently. A galaxy is a collection of stars ranging from millions to billions in number, and they are held together by the gravitational force. The galaxy we live in – is known as the Milky

Star Hopping – A Detailed Guide for Beginners (2020)

Star Hopping

Are you stuck on finding the stars or constellations? Star hopping is a technique that will help you to navigate through the sky. If you are a new astronomer or a beginner, you might be confused by seeing the hundreds of thousands of enlightening points in the sky. You might also be thinking about how

Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope – Everything You Need to Know!

Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

Every Astronomer and sky gazer is aware of the Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope. No doubt, it is among the most popular and useful types of telescopes. The reason for its fame is the compactness and versatility of its optical design. It is actually a catadioptric telescope – the telescopes that use both mirrors and lenses in the

Reflecting Telescope or Refracting Telescope – Which One Do You Need?

Reflecting Telescope

For many people, Reflecting Telescopes are a dream instrument to have. Although it’s not like a simple mobile phone that you can use around, it’s an instrument that needs proper learning. So, what exactly is a Telescope? A Telescope is an optical instrument which the astronomers use to view distant and far away objects. Principle

Astronomy – Relationship Between Sky and Telescope!

Stargazing Site

Humans have long gazed toward the planets, stars, and many other celestial objects. Sky and telescope are the inevitable elements for astronomy or the study of planets and stars. In simple terms, astronomy is the study of planets, stars, galaxies, and every other non-Earthly body. You can also say that astronomy deals with the study

Best Telescopes for your Kid: The Buying Guide for the

Celestron Telescopes

Before purchasing the best telescopes for your kid, you need to look for a few things. This is to ensure that the buying experience is simple. To ensure that you do not have difficulty purchasing the best telescopes for your kid, we have listed the things you need to be on the look in this

Best Telescopes for the Kids

Telescopes will enable you to view the stars in the skies easily, and if you have a child, you need the best telescopes for the kids. This is a very intriguing experience for kids. From your compound, you can watch the objects that are very far away from the sky. You need to ask yourself,

Specifications of a Monocular Telescope

monocular telescope

Are you interested in finding specifications and features about the monocular telescope and why they’re useful in today’s world? If yes, then you’re on the right page, and this article is for you. We know that every product has its own specifications, key features, uses, and the purpose of creating. In this case, also monocular

Evolution of Telescopes

evolution of telescopes

A telescope is useful for looking at distant or remote objects by astronomers. Their size is significantly large and uses the curved mirrors to collect and focus light from the night sky. The evolution of telescopes is extremely interesting and filled with facts. Some of the high quality and superior minds of all the time,

Best Telescope Eyepiece in 2020

  Having the best telescope eyepiece in 2020 will see you have great results more than those that are having powerful telescopes. Having a less powerful telescope does not necessarily mean you have to purchase a new telescope but only a new, better eyepiece. Eyepieces are crucial features of a microscope. The telescopes usually come

Best Telescope Filters

Astronomy is the study of celestial objects and the phenomena outside the atmosphere of the earth; the reason to look for the best telescope filters. Studying objects in the sky cannot be done using a naked eye; hence, the astronomers’ need to look for best telescopes filters will enable them to view the objects easily.

5 unique telescope facts you didn’t know

telescope facts

Telescope, a device used to take magnified images of distant objects. The telescope is undoubtedly the most critical research tool in astronomy. It provides a way to collect and analyze radiation from celestial objects, even in remote areas of the universe. Here you will know about some unique telescope facts. 1. LIGHT ACCUMULATION AND RESOLUTION

The best telescope in 2020

  Choosing the best telescope that will fit your needs is the best decisions you can undertake. If you are an astronomer, you need to have a telescope in your possession. Having a telescope will see anyone indulge in astronomy with a few simple add ons. However, you need to know the basics before pointing

Style of the Telescopes

  Having known the types of telescopes, are you still not sure which one is the best for you? You do not need to worry as we are going to ensure that you know the telescope that you need to choose. If you require a free to maintain a telescope, you need to go for

A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Monocular Telescope

monocular telescope

Monocular word is derived from two Latin words, “Monos,” which means “single or one,” and “oculus,” which means eye. The best-known example is a monocular telescope. So, a monocular is a device (like a telescope) designed for one eye. It uses a lens and prims to produce magnified images by focusing light, and the result

History of Telescopes

history of telescopes

Whenever you listen to the word “Telescope,” many thoughts about the stars and galaxies come to mind. But have you ever wondered how and who invented the first telescope, or what is the history of optical telescopes? Today, we will be diving into the rich history of telescopes!  Most people think that Galileo was the

The Best Telescopes for Beginners

  Going outside or being out under a clear sky can be a very intriguing experience. Telescopes will enable you to bring the stars that are very far away close to your eyes. Just imagine sitting on the grass and viewing the stars that you thought they never existed. You will also beat the curiosity

5 cool things to do with a telescope

cool things to do with a telescope

The telescope is an optical equipment work with lenses, bend mirrors, or a constitution of both to discover or view distant objects bigger or closer. The telescope can use for astronomical purposes as well as terrestrial purposes. There are many cool things to do with a telescope, and we will discuss the top 5 in

How do Telescopes Work

how do telescopes work

A telescope is a complex tool used by astronomers to spectate distant objects in the sky; the practice of using a telescope has been around for years. Only recently, certain amendments have been made, and simple telescopes have been transformed into more complex and hybrid ones. The basic laws of physics that oblige here in

Telescope types and uses

telescope types and uses

A telescope is an optical instrument used to see distant objects’ images, so the object appears nearer and larger. Telescope uses a combination of lenses and mirrors to show a magnified image of distant objects. The emission, absorption, or reflection of electromagnetic radiation helps to observe a magnified image of an object far away from

The Best Monocular Telescope for Stargazing in 2020

  Are you looking for the best monocular telescope for stargazing? You need not worry as we are going to help you with that in this article. A monocular telescope has numerous purposes, and one of the interesting ones is stargazing. The other devices used for stargazing are costly or cannot be carried out efficiently.

The Buying Guide of a Monocular Telescope

You probably have come across the term monocular telescope on the internet or in books. But what is it? A monocular telescope is a low powered telescope which you hold in your hand just like a set of binoculars.  You will use only one eye to see through the monocular and look for very far

Things to Consider While Buying a Telescope Online

telescope online

The relationship of humans with stars is as old as our ability to think and ask questions. As a human species, our observing power is so limited that we see the stars as round shining dots in the sky at night. In reality, those stars are way bigger than the Earth. But, with the advent