Specifications of a Monocular Telescope

Are you interested in finding specifications and features about the monocular telescope and why they’re useful in today’s world? If yes, then you’re on the right page, and this article is for you. We know that every product has its own specifications, key features, uses, and the purpose of creating. In this case, also monocular telescope has its own unique characteristics and uses that keep it distinct from others.

Does the question arise that what was its purpose of creation? What are its uses? What are its specifications and features that help us, and what feature do we look for when we want to buy it? Stick to it for a piece of amazing information and further guidance.

Before proceeding to the topic about a monocular telescope’s specifications and solving the queries, let’s have a quick round about what are monocular telescopes? A monocular is an improved diverting telescope that is mainly used to magnify the images of distant objects. It works as the light passes through a series of lenses and mostly from the prisms. This application results in a lightweight device called Monocular Telescope. It works similarly as binoculars. But, with a single eye instead of two. They are easier to carry around and easily fit a small pocket.

Now, we’ll be solving these queries discussed above.

Why are Monocular telescopes useful in today’s world?

  •  They are very useful in today’s world as they can be used to see distant objects clearly.
  •  They have a multi-coated lens and rubber-coated exterior that offers a wide view of the field
  •  Their waterproof and fog proof texture makes it easy for you to take photos near the seasides or on a wet surface.
  •  They can also be used at night times as some monocular telescopes also offer a better night vision
  •  They are light weighted and easy to carry out to outings
  •  They are also adjustable to mobile phones, making it easy to take a photo.

What primary feature do we have to look for when we want to buy a Monocular Telescope?

When you often want to buy a telescope, you’ll always look for some ideal feature that plays a vital role in that. In the case of a Monocular telescope, it’ll be its resolution power or magnification. A normal range of monocular will have a magnification of 6x to 10x. Also, high power telescopes are usually a bit more expensive, so keep an eye on your budget and choose one that fits you.

Specifications and Features of Monocular Telescopes


Here are some of the specifications of the monocular telescopes. 

Magnification: It ranges from 10x to 300x, providing you to take a long distant object image clearly with its high-resolution power and magnification.

Prism Type: It contains BAK-S1 type prism, which focuses the light particles directly on the lenses to a prism, which then offers multiplex zoom.

Objective Lens Coating: It contains FMC coating that makes it waterproof and strong body which has fewer chances of breaking down.

Field View: It provides a wide overview ranging from 360ft to 1000yds, by which you can even see objects clearly from one mountain to another.

Weight: It weighs up to 280g, which is light enough to carry it with you when you are traveling quickly or out on some trip.

Size: It has a very small size of 120*40*40mm, which makes it easy for us to put it in small pockets of the bag, and its size is adjustable to almost all smartphones.


Extremely Powerful 300X Zoom Factor

The Monocular telescope takes a distant image with high resolution and an extremely powerful 300x zoom factor. This type of telescope is the only one to use nano-engraving technology. This helps to make the lens’s regularity errors extend to 10nm. The incandescent change can occur more than 30 times that of the ordinary telescopes with the same length.

Small Size To Bring Everywhere

These telescopes are lighter in weight and are easy to take everywhere on the family picnic, hangouts with a friend, hunting, camping, traveling to some city, or anywhere else. They are much reliable and portable. Usually weighs about 1.1 pounds or 280g. Their shell consists a titanium alloy having higher specific strength. When extended, their length increases to 12cm.

Built-in Night Vision and Autofocus Function

Another feature of the monocular telescope is that they offer night vision and allows you to use even at night attached to your smartphone normally.

With its brilliant Autofocus, it focuses on the targeted point when set on, and you can blur the background with its functions. By this, you can only focus on the point which you want to. With it’s this key feature, autofocus has become much easier and convenient even at night.

Appropriate For All Smartphones

Apart from other features and significances, it is almost suitable for all the smartphones that include various companies. These include iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Infinix, LG, Sony, Nokia, and Samsung.

Ideal For Outdoor Activities

Due to their lightweight and small sizes, they can be ideal for outdoor activities. That may include bird watching and clicking their amazing photos with Autofocus. Capturing wildlife on mobile is possible even if they are distant apart. It could also include hunting birds and deer, capturing sea life as they are waterproofs. You can also take images of large mountains and hills when you’re hiking and camping. Traveling to different cities with it is much easier and reliable.