Quick writing tricks for students who hate wasting their time on homework

Sometimes there are a whole heap of other things that your could be doing rather than doing homework. The problem is that if you don't complete your homework you could drop a grade or fail to complete your course. Other times it is really difficult to see the purpose of the task that has been set for homework. Hopefully some of these writing tricks will help you to get you homework completed on time and give you time to do more exciting things.

Make Notes in Class.

Making notes on class can significantly reduce your time spend on homework and on revision by going back to your notes. However most tutors today give their students access to their lecture notes either in the form of handouts or in the school's Intranet. In reality, taking notes and listening to your tutor at the same time can easily reduce the amount of knowledge that you take in. Try to keep your notes to the minimum, so they act as memory joggers.

Read the instructions carefully.

Always read the homework instructions carefully. This may sound boring but most of us at one time or another have started their homework only to find that they had misread and spent hours on a piece of work that only required about 10 minutes work. If you are not sure of the work that you have to complete then ask your tutor. There are cases where the tutor may have made a error in the instructions, which in turn then caused the student to waste a lot of time.

Setting up a schedule.

At the beginning of every academic year the school, will not only give you a class timetable it will also set out an outline of the amount of homework that a tutor can give their students.

Look at the time that you need to devote to each subject and then, set aside that time in your diary so you know roughly when and how long that you need to put aside for each subject area.

Work with a friend.

Working with a friend can work because you can bounce ideas off each other, support each others weaknesses and draw on each others strengths, This means that you can probably get the work done quicker. The down side to working with a friend is that, sometimes you can get sidetracked by talking about other things and the homework task takes longer than you actually anticipated.

Internet. Homework Help sites.

A quick fix is by seeking out some of the many good homework help sites for your area of study. These can offer several different methods of support. Some sites will provide bite sized snippets that outline the major concepts. Some sites will provide video tutorials, as well as 1-1 tutor support. Sometimes they will even provide the initial support for free. There is also the opportunity to post accounting homework writing problems and have them answered online.

Internet. Writing agencies.

You may just have run out of time. If this is the case you may consider recruiting a specialist to support you be completing your work for you. Ideally you need a specialist in your subject, not just a writer that writes about the subject. This option can be costly, but with a bit of forward planning you can find some agencies that can provide you with a good rate. Make sure that as a matter of course that they proofread, edit and check the work for plagiarism, rather than regard it as an add-on.

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