The Best Monocular Telescope for Stargazing in 2020


Are you looking for the best monocular telescope for stargazing? You need not worry as we are going to help you with that in this article. A monocular telescope has numerous purposes, and one of the interesting ones is stargazing. The other devices used for stargazing are costly or cannot be carried out efficiently.

This article will give you the best monocular telescope for stargazing in 2020 that are available in the market. We have carefully gone through the features and list the ones with exceptional qualities putting into consideration the needs of our esteemed readers.

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Best monocular telescope for stargazing in 2020

Let us go deep into the best monocular telescope that we have chosen. We will also go into each monocular telescope’s pros and cons and give you reasons why they are the best.

Gosky 12×55 Monocular Telescope

This telescope is one of the most powerful with very high magnification. It has an affordable lens that comes with the premium 55 mm lenses. This monocular makes extensive and well-detailed images of the landscape.

The monocular will bring the objects that are very far away very close to the eyes and ensure that you observe them very quickly. It ensures that a fair amount of light passes through the lens and creates a very bright image. This monocular has compatibility and portable features.

When you are hiking, hunting, climbing, concerts, or stargazing, this monocular will be of great help to you. You will be get bright, clear, and focused images. You will not get tired of operating this telescope because of its small nature. It also has relief cups that are very long and will ensure you watch for long without hurting the eyes.

It also has a smartphone clip on the monocular, making it easy to use and assisting you in capturing the images and recording the videos smoothly. You can adjust the eyecup, and is excellent for those wearing glasses.

RIVMOUNT Monocular Telescope

The RIVMOUNT monocular is also very powerful, with very high magnification. It is not only portable but also compact. It is easy to carry during trips such as hiking, hunting, stargazing, and many more. The 10x magnification will bring the starts very close to your eyes.

The images created here are very detailed and focused. It has a 42mm objective lens that permits light into the monocular and leads to the formation of a brighter image. This monocular has a significant advantage since it has HD quality vision. The BAK-4 prisms and the lens that have been thoroughly coated will give out a great image and protects the eyes from harmful radiation.

It has a sturdy but lightweight frame that makes it compact and portable. You will not get tired carrying it around. The armor rubber covers the monocular body. The armor rubber protects the person holding it by offering firm shock resistance, and the grip, which is anti-skid.

They come with a wrist wrap that will give you comfort. Both the accuracy and the monocular assembly are balanced well. It is waterproof, and dust repellant and also has a universal smartphone charger.

Monocular Telescope 12x 50

This monocular has both power and great magnification. It has a 12×50 magnification that will enable you to view objects that are far away with ease. The lens permits a good amount of light to the lens, which will bring out very bright images and videos.

The diameter of the monocular is big enough to cover a vast landscape. You will carry this telescope to all the outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, stargazing, etc. you will capture images of the high quality, resolution, and very bright.

The lens is multi-coated and has a BAK-4 prism with the latest optics technology. The technologies ensure your eyes are free from harmful radiation. It is also integrated with a night vision feature that ensures 99% of light transmission at night. You will be able to view objects that are very far away very quickly.

It also has a single-hand focus and a great ergonomic design, and a portable frame with anti-slip housing. This monocular is water and dustproof and fog resistance. It is also has a smartphone adapter that is compatible with every smartphones around. Its optics are sealed with the O ring to protect the lens from any water or dust harm.

Stellax Monocular Telescope

This monocular telescope has a very high and exceptional magnification. It has a fully Multi-coated lens that permits enough light to go through them and make a very bright image or video. The monocular contains a BAK-4 prism, and the lens that is fully coated. These lenses create crisp, clear, and premium images that are of high quality.

They also give 100% protection against any water splash, dust, fog, and shocks. You can deep this telescope up to 1.5 to 3 m of water, and no damage will be reported. The monocular is highly sealed and will not allow any dirt to go through the lens. It is also filled with nitrogen that brings out its resistance in nature. It comes integrated with a universal smartphone adapter that enables you to create many remarkable contents.

The tripod that it uses is very reliable and quality. It ensures that you avoid any shaking and trembling when using this telescope. It also has a sturdy framing but portable. You can easily carry it around to any outdoor event such as stargazing, hinting wildlife, and many more.


You can ensure that you enjoy your stargazing hobby in various ways, but one of the effective ones in this field is monocular. These portable gadgets are excellent, and you will not need to carry a very heavy telescope to the field. Another thing is that majority of the optical devices are not waterproof but with the monocular telescope we have some that offer this spec. ensure that you use the waterproof rather than the other types.

In this article, we have discussed the four best monocular telescope for stargazing in 2020  vividly for your outdoor journey.