Best Telescopes for your Kid: The Buying Guide for the

Before purchasing the best telescopes for your kid, you need to look for a few things. This is to ensure that the buying experience is simple. To ensure that you do not have difficulty purchasing the best telescopes for your kid, we have listed the things you need to be on the look in this article.

Types of the telescope

Telescopes exist in various types. Let us dive into them so that you understand them easily.

Refractor telescopes

These telescopes are the most common in the market. It is basically a long tube that is attached to the lens. It has powerful magnification as it can magnify objects found in both the ground and the sky. They are great for stargazing and bird watching.

Reflector telescopes

This type of telescope makes use of a mirror. They will give you better quality and clarity. Compared to refractors, you can see distant objects. The negative thing about them is that they cannot magnify the objects on the ground. They are not great for earth viewing.

Compound Telescope

This type of telescope will give you the best of both refractor and the reflector telescopes. You can use them to see objects that are very far in the sky and on the ground. You will get clear, sharp images since it is a combination of the mirrors and the lenses used in them.

However, these telescopes are expensive and great for professional use, hence not suitable for the kids of young age.

Parts of a Telescope

You need to know the parts of a telescope before buying it for your kid. The parts will help you differentiate between the good and bad telescope.

Optical Tube

This is the most obvious and the most significant part of the telescope. When using a refractor, the optical tube will have a lens at the end. In the case of the reflector, it will come with a mirror. Both the mirror and the lens will be present if the telescope is compound.


When having a tripod, your telescope will remain still, and you can observe the mystical universe. When purchasing one for your kid, ensure you buy an adjustable one to adjust the height when growing.

The material that makes the tripod also matters immensely. The weight of the telescope is directly proportional to the tripod it is going to stand on. It plays a very crucial role in determining the portability and the mobility of the telescope.


This is the part that does the actual viewing. Each eyepiece has a different magnification and means that the eyepiece can be changed to get better results. A lot of telescopes comes with different magnifying power.


The magnification is what differentiates the lenses and mirrors of the telescope. Ensure that you are keen when selecting the lens because it controls the quality of the telescope. The aperture will tell you if the quality of the lens is high or not.


Finderscope is a mini telescope attached to the bigger ones. It is basically an assisting tool that will help your kid lining the angles up correctly and accurately.

Features of the telescope

A telescope has numerous features that you need to know. There are many, but we are going to discuss the three main ones below;


Aperture refers to the size of the mirror or lens of the telescope. The bigger the aperture, the more the light enters the telescope. It means that you will be able to see objects clearly.

Focal length

The focal length is the length between the focal point of the optical tube and the mirrors or the telescope’s lens. If the focal length is significant, you will see massive objects in the eyepiece.


The magnifying power compares the focal length of the telescope and the focal length of the eyepiece. The magnification is measured in units like 10x, 20x, etc. If the magnification is significant the better, the telescope is. Objects usually have limits in which they can be magnified. If you see a telescope written, it has a magnification power of 400x, do not purchase it as it cannot be a realist.

Things to put in mind before buying a telescope

Reason for buying

You need to know the purpose of purchasing the telescope before buying it. Your requirements will outline the qualities and the services offered by the telescope. Because you are purchasing a telescope for your kid, you must not buy a professional telescope. You will buy the one that will fulfill the requirements of your child.


Because you are purchasing the telescope for the kid, you won’t need a lot of accessories. So do not spend a lot of money on buying a very expensive telescope. Having 2 to 3 eyepieces will be sufficient for your child. The eyepieces should have a low magnification power as they will still enable the kid to view the celestial objects. However, medium and high magnification will help the kid view objects far from the sky.


All the devices have a warranty. When purchasing a telescope for your kid, do not forget to look for those that have a warranty. They usually come with a one year warranty. Do not hesitate to call the manufacturers and get help if any issues arise when using the telescope. the best telescopes for your kid can run down any time.

Price Range

Ensure that the telescope you purchase is worth your money. Go through the telescope’s prices before settling on which one you need to purchase. The expensive ones do not necessarily mean it has excellent features. Ensure that you balance your budget and the features that are offered. Ensuring that the product is durable even after spending little money will be worth it in the long run.


Purchasing the best telescopes for your kid may look like an easy task, but it is not. You need to put a lot of things in mind before settling on the best one for you. We have listed all the things you need to put in mind before buying an excellent telescope for your kid. Your kid will surely enjoy the telescope.