Best Telescopes for the Kids

Telescopes will enable you to view the stars in the skies easily, and if you have a child, you need the best telescopes for the kids. This is a very intriguing experience for kids. From your compound, you can watch the objects that are very far away from the sky.

You need to ask yourself, what are the best telescopes that are great for the kids if the kid has an interest in astronomy? There are plenty of telescopes on the market, and selecting a suitable one can be a very challenging task.

You, however, need not worry as we have got you covered in this article. We will give you the best telescopes for the kids.

Best telescopes for the kids

Celestron 70mm Travel Scope

This is arguably the best telescope for the kids.  It comes with two eyepieces, 10mm, and 20mm. The main reason for integrating both the low and high eyepiece power is to give you the variation of your needs and the circumstances that you find yourself in.

If you live in a place where there is no electricity, then having a low power eyepiece will benefit you. It also comes with a 45-degree diagonal and the finderscope. The diagonal can be placed between the eyepiece and the telescope to get a precise viewing angle. The finderscope will easily fit at the top of the telescope and help you locate the objects quickly.

Because this telescope is for kids and beginners, it will be convenient for them, and a more natural viewing does for them. It comes with a tripod that can be adjusted to the length that ranges from 22-25 inches. It has a tripod pan that enables you to move the telescope horizontally and vertically. Assembling this telescope is a straightforward exercise.

Orion 10034 GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope Moon Kit

This telescope is excellent and comes with very intriguing features, and it is very affordable. It is an ideal telescope for your kid. It is portable that enables you to pack it anytime quickly. The telescope can be used during the day and night, and you will receive very excellent results.

It comes with an Objective lens of 70mm that gives high-quality images of the distant targets. This telescope can be easily set up within minutes. Hence great for the children. It comes with a finderscope that enables you to view objects that are very far away.

It is integrated with two eyepieces, i.e., 10mm and the 25mm one. It comes with a Moon Map 260 that helps the kids learn exciting facts about the moon. The tripod stand has an adjustable height of 17.75” to 43.5”.

It is not heavy as it weighs around 3.5lb, thus lightweight and portable. It comes with a backpack that can enable the kid to pack and carry it around easily.

Oumoda Telescope

This telescope has an elegant design that looks like a high-tech telescope. However, do not let the high tech technology worry you as it can be used easily and has straightforward controls. It is durable, and if your kid bangs it down during a rip, it will survive the wearing and tearing.

Assembling is not a challenging task. It comes with a 50mm aperture and a focal length of 360mm. The eyepiece can be switched and used for both eye viewing and stargazing. You can also easily adjust the magnification to get a better viewing.

When wanting your kid to have a great view of a faraway planet on a cloudy night, the telescope will do an incredible job even though it does not come with a bright color lacking cool stickers attached to it.

Solomark Telescope for Kids

Purchasing this telescope for your kid will see him/her delighted. It comes with numerous accessories that include; sunshade, backpack, tripod, a Barlow Lens, a smartphone adapter, and many more. Your kid, when doing several projects, can use this telescope.

When they want to stargaze, they will use the two eyepieces of different magnifications. If they are on a road trip and want to look outside for animals more closely, the Barlow lens will enable them to view the Zebra stripes with ease.

This telescope will also allow the kids to take pictures as they need to hook the phone and have fun. The telescope comes assembled and ready to use.

Black TwinStar AstroMark 80mm 16-40x Power Portable Refractor Telescope

This is also an excellent telescope for the kids. It does not have any complicated process when assembling or using it. This refractor telescope will give your kid an exciting experience of viewing the moon and other planets.

It comes with a customized backpack that comes with the telescope and ensures you do not have the difficult task of carrying it around. The 80mm fully coated chromatic objective lens of the telescope will help you get very crystal clear views.

It also comes with a step by step assembly guide to enable you to assemble it well. The guide has all the instructions manual hence great for your kid to work with.

Celestron 31045 Astromaster 130 EQ Reflector Telescope

This telescope is a feature-packed one and has a red dot that assists in locating the sky’s objects. The knob for turning the telescope is marked with notches to enable you to track the movement. Despite having some complicated features, it is still great for children. It comes with two eyepieces of 20mm and 20mm that provide six images of high quality. The tripod can be adjusted at various angles to follow the stars or find other celestial objects. It comes with a smartphone mount that can be used by the child to take pictures of the objects they are looking for. All in all, this incredible gadget is excellent for your kids.

Bottom Line

Buying the best telescope for your kid can be a very tough task when you do not know the best one from the numerous telescopes available. Our vivid review will help you select the best telescopes that will be great for your child. We have made the work easy by listing them down.