Best Telescope Filters

Astronomy is the study of celestial objects and the phenomena outside the atmosphere of the earth; the reason to look for the best telescope filters. Studying objects in the sky cannot be done using a naked eye; hence, the astronomers’ need to look for best telescopes filters will enable them to view the objects easily. Telescope filters will bring a big difference in the image quality as they improve the view and help those using the telescopes in various ways.

We have numerous filters on the market, and each has its own function. This article will help you understand the best telescope filters available in the market, and they all have functions that differ. These filters will also be very convenient.

The best telescope filters

Orion 05662 1.25 inch 13 Percent Transmission Moon Filter( Black)

This filter is among the best ones in the market as it will help you immensely in reducing the glare and enhancing the contrast. The image quality will be massively improved by fitting this 1.25-inch eyepiece of the telescope. It assists in canceling out about 87 percent of the lightweight collected by the telescope, giving you a clear view of the image.

Because of the high contrast of the 1.25 inch and the 13 percent transmission moon filter, the astronomer can easily do a thorough study of the moon. This Orion moon filter is excellent because it does not change the color when the overall brightness is reduced.

This filter will help you reduce irradiation, which basically means a reduction of the quality of the image at the boundary between the light and the dark areas; this eyepiece filters will also assist in conserving the dark-adapted vision while viewing the moon.

This incredible features make this filter standout.

8” x 8” Solar Filter Sheet for Telescopes, Binoculars, and the Cameras

This filters are not only used for the viewing of the moon but also for the sun. However, the astronomer will look for assistance from the solar filter. This is where the silver-black polymer will come in. you can purchase this sheet and make the filter by yourself, saving a lot of money in the process.

The filter is built using the black polymer widely used to see the sunspots, granulations, and eclipses through the telescope and the binoculars. This excellent filter is manufactured by the Thousands Oaks Optical, Arizona, known for its proficiency in making solar filters.

This filter will still ensure the sun appears in its original orange color. This filter will get you covered when you do not have a lot of money.

Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

This is an adapter that will help you mount your smartphone on the telescope. You can change your phone to the video form and capture exciting videos and pictures of the celestial objects. An incredible thing about this adapter is that it is not compatible with many telescopes but can be used with microscopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, and other devices apart from the riflescopes.

This filter can be easily used with the adapters with a diameter of 28mm-47mm, but we also have a large size that can fit 32mm-62mm diameters. It is compatible with many phones, including all the iPhone and all models of Android phones.

It comes with an adjustable clamp that will keep the phone in place and a flexible locking mechanism that uses a steel bolt rather than the spring. The screen also does not have a contraction. It is durable as it is made up of zinc, and the phone clamps made from high-quality PA plastic. This filter is also compact and lightweight.

Newer 1.25 inches Telescope Moon Filter, CPL Filter, 5 Color Filters Set

This filter is one of the best telescopes out here. It comes in a set of moon filters, a CPL filter, and five filters with different colors, i.e., red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. These filters will help you reduce the fatigue that usually occurs in the eyes when using the telescope by increasing the contrast, reducing, and ensuring the view is more high resolution.

This moon filter assists in improving the details of the view by reducing the glare. It works by transmitting light into its visual spectrum only, and the remaining wavelength is filtered out. Another Filter in this set is the CPL filter. This filter will assist you in cutting through the light’s reflections, usually obstructing the details of the celestial bodies.

These filters also come with five-set color. The red one will help you see the mercury and venus well during the day clearly from the blue sky. The yellow filter helps unique and improves the details of the polar ice caps and deserts on Mars. The green filter will assist you in viewing mars in more detail and viewing Saturn’s rings. It Is an incredible moon filter.

You will not have any problem viewing the atmospheric clouds found on mars as the blue covers will get you covered. This CPL filter comes in various standardized sizes that see them fit the telescopes easily and can be screwed on the eyepiece.

Meade 07530 Series 4000 Color Filter Set No 1

This filter comes with four different sets: red, yellow, green, and blue. The yellow one is the most effective one with 74 percent transmission; the red one has 25 percent transmission, and the blue one has 30 percent.

The yellow filter is the best for the telescope as it has a 6 inch or big aperture.  You will be able to watch Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars easily. The other sets will also help you to see the planets. However, it does not allow blue and red tones in the image and helps in viewing it better.


You must have a filter so as to be able to use your filters easily. If you do not have a filter, then you will have difficulties in viewing images well. This article has vividly covered the best filters for your telescope that we know they will be of great help.