Where do I go to get answers to my algebra homework?

Help on algebra is available from multiple sources. You need not get stuck with unyielding questions or submit to failure. We explore some of the sources you can use to get some answers.

Online algebra search engines

You can use online web searches to find your answers. You are not always assured of an answer and have to go through many websites before arriving at your solution. Other search sites will provide a list of books that contain information regarding the search. These are better than conducting a general search.

Online assistance services

A myriad of online homework assistance services exist. Most offer customised online helpers who will work on your task, providing stepwise solutions. Moreover, they also offer tutoring, exam assistance and mentorship services. These services are cheaper than physical tutors. A majority will offer a money back guarantee if services do not meet expectation. Access to your online helper is made easy through various

Math solving apps/websites

Some websites and applications are available that solve algebra problems. You feed in your problem, and the app produces and answers as well as a step by step instructions that show how the answer was arrived at.


Your school library is full of algebra books. You will also find numerous e-books exploring all aspects of algebra. Books are one of the best resources to use as they provide in-depth analysis of algebra concepts. Example problems are solved and tips and tricks highlighted. Nothing quite fills the space of a good book.

Physical tutors

You can hire an algebra tutor to assist you with understanding algebra. A big advantage of a physical tutor is the customised yet humanly service you receive from your tutor. They will work at your own pace, helping you understand underlying concepts as well as offer revision assistance.

Students in higher classes

Seek help from a student in higher classes than you are. They have already gone through such problems and have advanced in their knowledge of algebra. What might seem hard to you in the assignment is often easy to these students. Choose students who you know are focused and great in algebra.


You can also study the problems and solve them on your own. You can counter check your solutions online or from a solutions textbook.

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